Wonder Woman

I’ve become a fan of superhero films lately. I don’t know how it happened but it just kinda did 😉 So now here I am writing about one of the most anticipated superhero films of this year. I went to see Wonder Women last night and loved it. For the hardcore comic book fans, this is another hero rebranded and brought to life on the big screen with a new style, some great action, and special effects. I guarantee for many others it was their feminist fix not to say that I don’t appreciate seeing women take the lead in these kind of roles- I think its brilliant, but for me its always the story and heart of the film that captivates me… and the martial art moves 😉

It did take quite a while to get into the main action of the film but I really enjoyed getting to know the background of Wonder Women, her beginning and life, and how she came to be this hero.

To sum it up, its about a young women who growing up in a somewhat sheltered environment becomes exposed to the reality and destruction of the outside world. She then leaves her home and her people knowing she has a purpose in protecting humanity from the forces behind the war going on and along the way she discovers who she really is and learns the truth about humanity.

What I particularly related to in this film, and probably a lot of other people did to, is Wonder Women’s or Diana’s constant frustration of trying to find a way to help the suffering and despairing people around her who were going through hell. Eventually she had enough of having to play by rules and lay low and decides to do things her way, which works out for the better in the end. Her determination is a key theme throughout the film and when she comes to understand who she is, she comes to understand humanity to.

Definitely recommend seeing it!