Trying Something New

So we all know there are many benefits to trying something new and different in our lives, whether its a new hobby or something you want to get back into after so many years, but what can hold us back? It could be lack of confidence, money, resources or even support from the people around us. Though really if its something that we are passionate about and something that makes us happy, even if no one else gets it- we have to go for it. We are responsible for the things we want in life and what we want to aspire to; no one else can make things happen for us.

Maybe you tried out a sport or a club when you were really young but lacked confidence so dropped out and now regret it to this day. I’ve been there. In fact I pretty much quit most of the activities and clubs I tried when I was younger due to lack of confidence. Who knows where I could have got with some of them. One of those activities was ballet. I remember doing classes when I was about 7. I didn’t do it for long, I actually found it a bit boring being the fidgety sort of child I was. I also thought I could never fit in with the other girls who looked way more advanced and better than I did. So I dropped out and didn’t think much about it being 7.

10 years later at age 17 I knew I had made a wrong decision and desperately wanted to try it again after falling in love with watching ballet. I also really wanted to learn how to dance. Its amazing how you change when you grow older. During this period I was actually training in martial arts going into advanced grades which took up a lot more time and money so couldn’t really afford to attend any other kind of class. Saying that I loved my martial arts and wanted to dedicate everything to it so I put the possibility of ballet on hold and I finally got to achieve my Black Belt grade in 2015. After this I took a long break from martial arts having done continuous training for years. I had also become quite busy with an internship and had done two major trips by the end of 2016 so finally at the start of this year I decided to try some adult ballet classes.

Now almost 6 months in, I am so glad I finally decided to give it a go again. Not only is it something completely different to what I’m used to, its also a new challenge in terms of fitness which not many people realise about ballet. Its such an unusual way of moving our bodies in terms of the form and strength you need. Its a lot of fun and I’ve met some lovely people doing it with me in my class.

Sometimes attending a class like this when your adult is a lot easier because there’s not as much pressure, you’re not comparing yourself to other people; you’re just doing it for fun, meeting new people and you’re still learning all the time- its amazing how much French you can pick up in ballet!