Salzburg, One of the Most Beautiful and Cultural Cities You’ve probably Never Heard Much About

May I introduce you to Salzburg, a wonderful city on the North Western border of Austria. Its Old Town will charm you, its Fortress overlooking the city will amaze you, and its beautiful streets, grand fountains, and curious churches will surprise you! Yes there is more than meets the eye in this musical place. Mozart and Sound of Music fans read on…. 😉


Walking around the Old Town. Lovely little streets and hidden corners.
Of course the wonderful patisserie on offer 😉
This is said to be where Mozart had lived.
Grand entrance to the Salzburg Cathedral.
Beautiful fountain and actually a scene from the SOM where Maria splashes in the water before heading to the von Trapp house.
The Hohensalzburg Fortress perched overlooking the city. Quite something to behold.


Inside the outer courtyard of the fortress.

A view of the city below….
and beyond!
Another SOM scene where the von Trapp family were hiding in the catacombs from the newsboy and soldiers.
The Salzach River.
One of many bridges crossing over to the rest of Salzburg. However this bridge is quite unique…
Mirabell Palace Gardens. SOM scene where Maria and the children were signing on the steps to the entrance.
Very pretty.