New Year, New You??

I know this is a bit late but Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all have had a magical Christmas!

Now you might have noticed a midst all the sales that come with the new year, there is of course all this great advertisement about getting fitter, healthier, losing weight, being a better you etc.. I’ve personally never really been into any of that because its suggests its a seasonal thing to try and better yourself. Of course many companies will take full advantage in all this trying to sell you deals on exercise classes, beauty treatments, weightless plans… need I go on. Its not to say I don’t believe in setting goals and plans for the year, but firstly it should be realistic and it should be an all year round thing to continually better yourself or improve in any area of your life! Basically my message is not to get to caught up in all the hype of the “New Year, New You” malarkey.

There’s even veganuary, which if you don’t know is an initiative to get people eating vegan for the whole month of January. Having looked on their website there is a lot of good in what they’re trying to do and they give some fantastic advice for those wanting to participate. But this is not going to be for everyone. Even though it is presented well, eating this way can be incredibly challenging. I know having incorporated some of it into my lifestyle and diet.

Just be you and do what makes you happiest and healthiest all year round and stick to it! Not just for one or two months at the start of the year. According to statistics only 8% of people actually keep their new year resolutions. Just be the best you can be, and if you fail or don’t reach your goal/target in record time- don’t worry about it, stuff happens, life happens and nobody is consistently perfect, or perfectly consistent in all that they do.


Wishing you all the very best for 2018 and be positive, open minded, and self assured!


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