Long Lost Time

Its late November and where has the time gone! These last few months have completely run away with me. Lots of course work, my job, writing, preparing for my driving theory test and practical, business things and, helping at a youth event…

At one point I was incredibly frustrated and things were not going well with anything because there was just so much to do and too much on my mind. I thought about other people who are constantly living in the stress and busyness of everyday life, much more so than me and I wondered how can we manage our time so we take care of ourselves and get rid of unnecessary pressure, which can even be self afflicted sometimes.

We can’t always control what happens in our jobs, at school, or at uni, but sometimes we can put ourselves under unnecessary pressure when its not called for.

And being completely honest the majority of pressure I was feeling was self afflicted- feeling like I had to be on top of everything twenty four hours a day with my work, health, family, social life and on and on. When in reality I don’t have to have everything all sorted. I’m also really bad at saying “yes” to everything. But I’m learning and have actually said no to some things since!

Its about being flexible and doing the best you can with the time you have, as well as taking care of yourself and making sure you have that time just for you. Otherwise you’ll burn out and go into a downward spiral of feeling constantly miserable and defeated which is not fun in anyway. We are after all human beings not human doings. Think about those things that are in your head and you think must be done! Are they really absolutely necessary? What would happen if they didn’t get done today. Even if they are  small things, try to take any pressure off little by little and in the long run you will thank yourself.

Prioritise any free time outside of work from when you get up to when you go to bed, but be flexible and realistic- you can’t do everything in one day. Ultimately be kind and forgiving with yourself if things aren’t working out or getting a bit too much. You’re more likely to think clearly and solve problems if you are not blaming yourself.


I was very thankful to have a small break with my family in Scotland in between everything that was happening. Its such a healing thing and even just to be somewhere completely different makes such an impact. Enjoy some scenic pictures:

This is Loch Tay, apparently the deepest loch in Scotland. Definitely one of my favourite places.
Literally in the middle of no where- love it!
Nice place to stop and ponder life 😉


So many beautiful walks here!