A Burmese Adventure- Part One

Last year in November I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Myanmar (formerly Burma) to do some volunteering. The first week, my group travelled to the north of the country to a small mountain town called Kalaw located in the Shan state. We spent a week there and travelled around the area before heading back down to Yangon.

Kalaw is a very rustic town, unspoilt and surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the mountains. It seems to be a favourite place with backpackers as it is a great place to stop off for a couple of nights whilst travelling on or walking from village to village. I actually noticed more tourism here than in Yangon.

Some pictures:


We stayed in Thitaw Lay House B&B- thitawlayhouse.com Beautiful place, great service and a brilliant breakfast every morning where everything is freshly made including the most amazing banana bread you will ever have- yes better than your mom’s! No wonder it is Trip Advisor’s number 1 for that area. Definitely recommend a stay here if you ever find yourself in Kalaw.



The normal day to day happenings of central Kalaw. Bustling markets, mopeds on the go everywhere, cafes and restaurants buzzing.



The markets sell pretty much anything- food, crafts, clothes etc. I got some wonderful gifts here.




They like things very hot in Burmese cooking. Now I’m one to love spice in my food but didn’t enjoy the experience of finding small whole chillies in a mouthful of curry! They are tiny but pack a hell of a punch.



Oh the glorious street food! Need I say more.



We ordered a delivery from the local restaurant most nights while we stayed here and ended up eating there for lunch most days too. Their food was delicious.


This is Kalaw train station. People wait here for hours during the day to catch a ride.