Aberystwyth- Wales’ Costal Gem

Last week I visited my best friend who is living and studying at university in Aberystwyth…. and what a place to study. A beautiful sea front, colourful town houses, and its historic charm with its castle ruins and old college buildings that wouldn’t look out of place in Hogwarts. There are bustling corner shops, and so many cafes and restaurants to choose from and considering its a student town most places are relatively cheap. It also boasts a great night life with many clubs, bars, and fancier places to eat out and is known as one of the safest places in the UK.

I loved how easy going everyone was in this little coastal hideaway compared to where I live in a ever expanding, fast-paced city. It was a real break for me and I much prefer the care free, more relaxed vibe of “Abba” as its known to those who live there.

Just beware of seagulls stalking you if you decide to eat on the beach! 😉

View of Aberystwyth.
First day was beautiful.
Tide coming in…
Part of the Old College. A bit eerie walking around after dark 😉

Aberystwyth is famous for its sunset pictures. Obviously not the case for me here though!
The castle ruins- beautiful at night though my camera didn’t do it justice.
Old college.
One of the main high streets.
Aberystwyth is proud to have a Coffee#1. Boasts a great range of different coffees, frappes, teas, and bites to eat.
At night on the Pier.
Libertines Cocktail Bar. A very unique, snazzy place with different twists on classic and new cocktails. Here we have the Mad hatter’s Tea Party for two. Round one 😉
Round two and this was one smokin cocktail ;D Fudge rum, banana liqueur, lime, pineapple, and cream. Great way to finish off the day.