A Celebration of Spring

Welcome to my first official blog post!

So we are now well into spring and almost five months into 2017 already! Christmas and New Year seem like distant memories as the flowers are out, everything is greener and generally everything is starting to get warmer and come to life. Spring is an exciting time. It is also a time of changes not only in the nature around us, but also people. Whether its a new job, new relationships, or moving house- people also seem to want to make changes in spring. Some of you may want a new start- maybe those New Year resolutions haven’t quite been working out, you want a second chance to commit or try something over. Spring feels like the great time to do it. I say go for it!

Whatever has been happening in the past couple of months; whether you got off to a good start to 2017 or not, make spring a time to come alive again and go for what you want, try something new, and keep going at it.  Also take some time out of your day or week to celebrate and enjoy what spring is all about. For me and my family this was a well-needed walk in the country and some good food- perfect. It doesn’t take much to make us happy!


Beautiful forest, love coming here.


That’s a lot of trees!


Pretty sure this is a gateway to a new world beyond…



Food glorious food! Great way to enjoy spring.