10 Things I Love about Autumn/Fall

So here we start another season… Autumn already! How this year has flown by. From the gorgeous colours of the trees to snuggling up to satisfying hearty food and enjoying cosy nights in. This is definitely one of my favourite seasons and I have ten good reasons why….


1. Trees

Everywhere you go in Autumn, there are pops of colour from the trees all around. They also make for some pretty awesome pictures from around the world for this time of year.















2. Seasonal Hot Drinks

Like most people, I am also a bit of a coffee fanatic and get a little excited when I see seasonal flavours hitting the coffee shops once again. Whether your go-to is coffee or hot chocolate there is nothing more satisfying than a really good gingerbread latte or a classic hot chocolate with mini marshmallows when its cold- it just warms your soul. My personal favourite is Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte.















3. Getting Warm

I have a confession to make which is that I am an adult with a favourite blanket! Yes I have a comfort blanket… It only ever lives in my lounge and generally makes an appearance whenever the TV is on or when its really cold! 😉


4. Good hearty food

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of soup or a satisfying stew when it gets cold, even a spicy curry to warm you through. What’s great about this kind of food is that it is easy to make in batches to store in the fridge or freezer for whenever you need something quick to prepare when you come home late in the cold from work. Good, hot food will cheer anyone up from a hard day.

Some go-to recipes that are super satisfying, easy to make, and quite healthy courtesy of Deliciously Ella (one of my favourite bloggers):

Warming Winter Curry

Turmeric and Lentil Soup

Cannellini Bean Stew


5. Bonfires

Whilst it is generally not too cold at the beginning of Autumn, clear and crisp nights are perfect for bonfires. Its just right when you have a warm fire to get close to, good company, and of course some decadent campfire treats which leads me on to my next favourite thing….


6. S’mores

Of course S’mores is a favourite- perfect combo of biscuit or Graham crackers if you can get them, topped with some good chunks of chocolate and an oversize, glorious marshmallow squished together by another biscuit- yes please! But there are many other gooey and chocolatey treats- baked bananas stuffed with chocolate and marshmallows wrapped in foil over a fire are also great with a spoon to dig out the melted insides ;D Or sometimes just roasting plain old marshmallows over a fire is all you need.










7. Seasonal Flavours

Autumn and winter is also probably my favourite time of the year to cook. Chunky veg like pumpkins, sweet potatoes, butternut squash together with warm spices and flavours are perfect. These combinations are great and quite versatile in both savoury and sweet dishes. Its also an excuse to make more comfort food and heartier and fulfilling bakes to warm you through when it gets cold- pies, crumbles, puddings, casseroles etc..
















8. Cosy Nights In

I’m probably one of few young people who actually prefer to have a night in rather than a night out. 😉 Not to say I don’t venture out every once in a while but you can’t beat having a good film, with great friends and yummy food in your warm home.  Blankets everywhere and the fire on with some hot chocolate- yep that’s me!


9. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. 😉

When it hits November its party season and the run up to Christmas has begun- and in my opinion the run up to Christmas is not at the end of August when people start to count down the days on Facebook! Everyone gets into the festivities, work parties, church parties, and get-togethers with friends. There are Christmas lights and decorations everywhere and despite the mass crowds of Christmas shoppers, I love going into the centres looking for some gift ideas and stopping for a coffee with a friend.


10. Christmas present shopping

I love getting inspiration and ideas from all over around this time of year whether at market stalls, shopping centres, or of course looking online. Christmas is my favourite time of year and in terms of gifts I always try look for things that are a bit different and unique. I know some people who literally start their Christmas shopping in August! Whilst I find that kind of organisation impressive that is definitely not me and I do have to confess that over the last two years I have left my Christmas shopping extremely late to literally the last two weeks before! But this year I determined to start late at a decent time!