Long Lost Time

Its late November and where has the time gone! These last few months have completely run away with me. Lots of course work, my job, writing, preparing for my driving theory test and practical, business things and, helping at a youth event… At one point I was incredibly frustrated and things were not going well with […]

Aberystwyth- Wales’ Costal Gem

Last week I visited my best friend who is living and studying at university in Aberystwyth…. and what a place to study. A beautiful sea front, colourful town houses, and its historic charm with its castle ruins and old college buildings that wouldn’t look out of place in Hogwarts. There are bustling corner shops, and so many cafes and restaurants to choose from […]

Wonder Woman

I’ve become a fan of superhero films lately. I don’t know how it happened but it just kinda did 😉 So now here I am writing about one of the most anticipated superhero films of this year. I went to see Wonder Women last night and loved it. For the hardcore comic book fans, this is another hero rebranded and brought […]

Trying Something New

So we all know there are many benefits to trying something new and different in our lives, whether its a new hobby or something you want to get back into after so many years, but what can hold us back? It could be lack of confidence, money, resources or even support from the people around us. Though […]

A Burmese Adventure- Part One

Last year in November I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Myanmar (formerly Burma) to do some volunteering. The first week, my group travelled to the north of the country to a small mountain town called Kalaw located in the Shan state. We spent a week there and travelled around the area before heading back down to Yangon. […]